Often called the reception, drinks reception, or cocktail hour, Claire can be booked as a harpist or pianist for the arrival of guests at your wedding venue after the wedding ceremony. During this time, the wedding couple are often having photographs taken off site so it is a lovely time add some light entertainment for wedding guests.

Alternatively, harp or piano music can be provided to accompany the wedding dinner.

Perhaps you would like the elegance of classical piano, or maybe the ambience of the Irish harp. Claire plays a mixture of pop & contemporary love songs, film music, light classical music, and beautiful Irish airs. A second instrumentalist can also be provided. For example, her lively trad duo of fiddle & harp brings a room to life!

Claire provides her own harp/keyboard and sound amplification equipment, or she can play the venue’s piano if there is one on site that is in good working condition.

There is a reduced rate when you book a combination of services, for example, ceremony music plus drinks reception music. Get in touch to see what Claire can do for you!

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Claire Heffernan - Wedding Music

2 days 10 hours ago

‘The Clouds Veil’ 🎶 a popular hymn that I often sing at the Offertory. I love singing this one 💕 Part of my mission to put up more “voice and harp” recordings!
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