Wedding Music

General Questions

What instruments do you play?

I am a singer who is also a professional pianist and Irish harpist. On my own, I offer solo harp, solo piano, singing with harp, and singing with piano.

I can invite a second musician to join me (e.g. a violin player), or I can be hired as a solo singer to work with other musicians (e.g. singing with a string quartet).

What wedding packages do you offer?

For weddings, I cover all types of wedding ceremony music (church, civil, humanist, spiritual, interfaith, blessings, same-sex, etc), pre-ceremony music, drinks reception music, and dinner music

I have package deals for combining two or more services. The most popular combination package is ceremony music followed by drinks reception music.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover? 

I am based near Limerick city and I typically travel up to 2 hours from there. This generally covers all or most of the following counties: Carlow, Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Laois, Limerick, Offaly, Roscommon, Tipperary, Waterford, and Westmeath.

Are you available on weekdays?

Yes, I am available 7 days a week.

Can you accompany my friend/cousin/etc for a song at the ceremony? 

Absolutely. I have a Masters degree in accompaniment and I am happy to work and rehearse with another singer or musician. I often play for friends/family of the couple who have offered to sing for the ceremony. If your singer is not used to preparing a ceremony music programme, I can still be available to help you to prepare the ceremony music choices. I work with young and nervous singers (I am also a music teacher for kids and teens), all the way up to professional performers. If you have hired a professional wedding singer already, and only require my harp/piano accompaniment, I will go along with the music choices decided between yourselves and your singer.

How far in advance should we book you?

I take bookings up to 2 calendar years in advance. I am currently taking bookings as far as December 2022. It is advisable to book 18 months in advance if you can, especially for Fridays/Saturdays. That being said, there’s always a chance I’ll have a date available or that there was a cancellation for the date, so I’d love to hear from you if your wedding date is coming up soon.

Can we book you now, but decide on package details closer to the wedding date?

Yes, I can take a small deposit to secure the date. Details of packages can be confirmed later on (e.g. which instrument to have and whether to add on drinks reception music to a ceremony booking).


Could you send us a price list?

If you are seeking a quote or a price list, the best thing to do would be to fill in my contact form so that I can send you a bespoke quote to suit your requirements.

Because I am a singer, a harpist, and a pianist, and provide various packages and combinations of packages, your best bet is to contact me for a bespoke quote. Travel considerations can also affect the pricing.

Singing with harp/piano is my most popular package, and there is a discounted rate for solo harp/piano music without any singing. It is the same price for harp as it is for piano. 

Does it cost extra to have a second musician?

Yes, a second musician (e.g. a violin player) will quote their own fee in addition to my fee.

What does your ceremony music fee include?

As well as the actual ceremony music performance on the day, a quote for ceremony music is inclusive of:

1. Travel

2. Music as guests are arriving before the ceremony

3. I provide my own instrument and sound amplification equipment (if required/possible) to ensure that there is a good sound quality in the room for all to hear 

4. I offer a highly personalised service whereby I would talk you through planning your ceremony music and I am available always and promptly to offer any music advice or suggestions that you may need along the way. There is unlimited email/phone consultation time. 

5. Where there is a second singer/musician, rehearsal time before the wedding is included. If it is my own musician, we will rehearse together in our own time. If it is a friend/family member of yours, rehearsal on the day at the venue is included.

What is not included: 

1. Any requested extra rehearsal time with a friend/family performer that would take place on a date other than the wedding date. You would be purchasing my professional services as a coach-accompanist offering one-to-one attention on an additional working day with potential travel.

2. The purchase of sheet music for special requests (not already on my repertoire list) that I may have to buy in order to learn a new song for you. I try to source free music or work it out by ear when I can, but sometimes there is no option but to buy it for a small expense. I would always confirm this with you before I buy.

Booking Process

How do we book you?

If I am available for your date, we will confirm booking details and pricing, and I will then take a small deposit to secure the booking, which is payable online by credit or debit card (via Stripe – it’s like PayPal but there is no need to register or download anything). I would send you a custom invoice link to your deposit/receipt page. You can keep this private link handy, or print out the invoice/receipt for your records. 

I receive many compliments about how “handy” this payment system is!

The deposit is a non-refundable booking fee for a specific date and location. Please remember that no booking is secure without the payment of deposit.

We’ve sent the deposit to you. What happens next?

I will send you an email of confirmation to thank you for sending the deposit though, and I will put your confirmed booking into my calendar. I will outline any relevant details (e.g. regarding the final balance and when we should be in touch again). If you have booked ceremony music, I will send you a detailed email to help you get started with choosing your ceremony music (see below).

Can we book ceremony music now and decide on reception music later?

Yes, I can take a deposit for ceremony music only. Reception music can be added on later.

If you have booked ceremony music alone, I cannot guarantee to remain available in the evening for your reception music without a reception music booking, so do let me know if you are planning to book reception music with me to avoid disappointment.r

Choosing Instruments and Ceremony Music

What ceremony music packages / instruments do you offer?

I have 4 main packages for ceremony music:

1. Solo piano music (or piano accompaniment for another singer/musician)

2. Solo harp music (or harp accompaniment for another singer/musician)

3. Singing & piano

4. Singing & harp

These are just me on my own. There are many more combinations available if you want to include a second musician, e.g. a violin or flute player.

We can’t decide between harp and piano!

Don’t stress! It’s completely up to you which instrument you want to choose, and you can change your mind at any point. It’s the same price either way. For me, it’s just about which instrument I bring with me on the day.

If you have watched my videos and listened to my recordings and you are still unsure whether to choose harp or piano, I can advise you. Start by focusing on your song choices first, and we can see which instrument might suit your song choices the best. Piano might be better suited to rock, jazz, or musical theatre. And Irish/folk music is wonderful on the Irish harp. But most songs work on either instrument. A handful of pieces on my repertoire list are only available with piano (anything marked with a star *) so, if you want those songs, piano is your instrument.

If you are still completely stuck, I can send you some recordings to help compare the two instruments.

Can we have one instrument (e.g. piano) at the ceremony and the other instrument (e.g. harp) at the drinks reception, or does it have to be the same instrument for both?

You can have one instrument at the ceremony and the other at the reception. That’s no problem at all. It’s the same price whether you want the same instrument for the whole day, or the two instruments. To have both instruments, it’s a nice variety for the guests to see and hear something different at the reception that wasn’t at the church, and it means you can take full advantage of hiring a singer-harpist-pianist! Instrument choices don’t need to be decided until closer to the wedding date so there would be no rush to decide on this when you are booking.

How do we choose our ceremony music?

I work almost exclusively by email as this seems to suit couples with busy lifestyles and those living abroad coming home to get married. I will send you a detailed email with either a church music or a civil ceremony music template to work with, along with some advice for choosing music for each part of the ceremony, and some useful links to suggestions and my full repertoire list. Take your time with it all and you can get in touch with me again when you are ready to start planning the music. I can offer as much advice as you like along the way, just send me an email with any queries, large or small. If you’re having trouble, you can simply send me a list of your favourite songs from my list and I’ll suggest where they might fit best into the template. 

Some couples are happy to put it all together themselves with my repertoire list, recommendations, and template, and just have me look over it at the end for approval or any feedback. Others like to get check in with along the way as they choose each song separately. I appreciate that some couples plan their music in short bursts and others all in one go, so whatever suits you best is fine. 

The church music template is straightforward, it includes hymns, and the music needs to be approved by the priest.

The civil ceremony template will vary depending on the type of ceremony that you will design with your celebrant/registrar closer to your wedding month. Your celebrant/registrar may have their own music guidelines for us to follow.

When do we need to send you our ceremony music choices? 

You can send me your proposed song choices as early as you wish. I ask wedding couples to have their music finalised by 1 month in advance of the wedding date. Ideally this means sending me your proposed list by about 6 weeks in advance so that we have some room for edits and for you to get it approved by your priest or celebrant before the 1-month mark. If I don’t hear from you, I will make contact a couple of months before your wedding to get the ball rolling. 

Can we choose a song that is not on your list?

I am happy to chat with you about your own song ideas. If you have a special request for a song not on my list, I will check it out and see if it is possible on your chosen instrument (the piano would be slightly more versatile than the Irish harp), and hopefully you will let me know in good time too. I am usually happy to learn one or two new songs per wedding ceremony. At times, there may incur a small expense for the purchase of sheet music that cannot be sourced elsewhere for free, but I do my best to keep costs to a minimum.

You have recordings of songs with piano. Are these available with harp too?

My recordings are just some examples of my repertoire. Everything on my repertoire list is available on both harp and piano, unless it is marked with a star *, in which case it is available with piano only.

You have instrumental versions of some songs on your website recordings. Do you sing these too? / You have songs on your repertoire list. Can you play these as instrumentals?

Yes. Again, the recordings are just some examples. I try to include instrumental versions of songs also, as music samples for people who are booking me as a solo harpist/pianist (without singing). 

Which instrument is better for a large church? Will you be loud enough on your own?

I love performing in big churches! I find that, in general, the larger the church, the better the instruments sound, due to the acoustics of the church. I am completely self-sufficient in that I don’t need a second musician to fill out my sound. I provide my own microphones and amplification so there will be no issue with being heard by everyone in a large church. I have amplification for both my keyboard and my harp when required.

Other Questions

What kind of additional services can you offer?

I have the flexibility to offer a range of online “mini-services”, as required, that can be booked with or without inviting me to perform on the day. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

Wedding Music Consultation (sourcing musicians, choosing music appropriate to your type of ceremony, etc.);

Creating Bespoke Recordings in my home studio (solo music/song mp3s for you to play through your sound system on the day, piano accompaniment tracks for your singer, creating a set of recordings from your wedding day as a keepsake either live from the ceremony or recreated in the studio afterwards, etc.);

Arranging Sheet Music for your singer/musicians. 

Prices start at a nominal fee of €50. In certain cases, this fee can go towards the total ceremony music fee if you choose to book me to perform on your wedding day. 

If you have another “mini-service” idea or request, do get in touch and I’d love to see how I can assist you.

Do you have a question that was not answered here? Let me know!