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Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Music

See below a selection of frequently asked questions about booking and planning wedding music with me.

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What wedding music packages do you offer?

My speciality is wedding ceremony music (church, civil, humanist, spiritual, interfaith, blessings, vow renewals, same-sex, etc). My signature ceremony music package is to sing and self-accompany on either Irish harp or piano. I include pre-ceremony music with every ceremony music booking. 

I also offer drinks reception music, which can be booked on its own, or as a combination package with ceremony music. 

What instruments do you play?

I am a singer who is also a professional pianist and Irish harpist. Most often, I sing self-accompanied on my harp/piano, and I also provide harp/piano instrumentals.

I can invite a second musician to join me (e.g. a violin player), or I can be hired as a solo singer to work with other musicians (e.g. solo singer with a string quartet).

Where are you based and how far do you travel? 

I am based in Limerick. I am currently taking bookings for Co. Limerick and locations up to 1 hour or so from the Limerick City area. This generally covers all or parts of Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Laois, Offaly, and Tipperary.

Are you available on weekdays?

I am available 7 days a week.

Can you accompany my friend to sing/play at the ceremony? 

Absolutely. I have a Masters degree in accompaniment and I am happy to work with another singer or musician, whether that is your family/friend singing one song, or a professional musician who is joining me for the ceremony.

How far in advance should we book you?

2023 is about 90% booked up. To avoid disappointment, please contact me as soon as you are ready to book for 2023/2024.

Could you tell us about your pricing?

If you are seeking a quote or a price list, the best thing to do would be to fill in my contact form. The details of your requirements will help me to provide a bespoke quote. I offer singing/harp/piano/accompaniment, and provide various packages and combinations of packages for ceremonies/receptions. And so, your best bet is to contact me for a specific quote for your date, location, and desired package/s.

There is a discounted rate for drinks reception music if you are adding it on to a ceremony music booking. 

Harp/piano are the same price.

Travel considerations can affect the pricing.

The quoted fee may change if the original details submitted by you change (e.g. date change, location change, change of desired package).

Does it cost extra to have a second musician?

Yes, a second musician (e.g. a violin player) will quote their own fee separately to my fee. 

What does our ceremony music quote include?
As well as the actual music performance on the day, the set up, sound-checking, coordinating with the celebrant/priest/photographer., an initial quote for your ceremony music is inclusive of:

1. Travel to your location (if required)

2. Pre-ceremony music

3. I provide my own instrument and sound amplification equipment (if required)

4. I offer a highly personalised service whereby I would talk you through planning your ceremony music and I am available always and promptly to offer any music advice or suggestions that you may need along the way. This will all happen online or over the phone. There is unlimited email consultation time. 

5. Where there is a second singer/musician, rehearsal time before the wedding is included: If it is my own musician, we will rehearse together in our own time. If it is a friend/family member/a private booking of yours, rehearsal on the day at the venue is included (within the hour before the ceremony).

6. I can organise tracks (e.g. an mp3 recording of your favourite song, or a backing track) to be played through my sound system. I can edit the track digitally in advance to be longer/shorter/remove the intro/change the key, etc.

The following is not included with your ceremony music quote:

1. A rehearsal with a performing friend/family member that would take place on a date other than the wedding date itself. 

2. Special musical requests (e.g. learning a new song for you) are accommodated on a case-by-case basis, and are subject to an additional fee. For example, if the sheet music needs to be purchased or if there would be substantial time needed for learning/ arranging/ transposing, or if there are multiple special requests. (Note: accommodation of special requests is usually limited to one song, and is at my discretion and not guaranteed.)

3. The provision of a second instrument/player.

4. Any additional travel charges to be added on, such as if you change venue to a location that is further away.

How do we book you?

Once I confirm my availability for your date and location, and the package/price is confirmed, I can then take a deposit of to secure the booking. The deposit is payable online by credit/debit card (via Stripe – similar to PayPal, but you do not need an account). I would send you a custom link to your payment form, which you can keep afterwards as a receipt a payment. The deposit is a non-refundable booking fee for a specific package, date, and location. Please remember that no booking is secure without the payment of deposit.

What happens after we send a deposit? 

I will send an email to confirm the booking, and I will outline any further relevant details as per the package booked (e.g. guidance on how to choose your ceremony music, a timeline for planning, etc).

Can we book ceremony music now and decide on reception music later?

I can take a deposit for just ceremony music, and reception music can be added on at a later date, subject to availability. If you are sure you will want to add on my reception music, it would be best to book it in alongside your ceremony music to avoid disappointment.

What ceremony music packages / instruments do you offer?

I have four main packages for ceremony music. The first two packages account for 99% of my bookings:

1. Singing with Harp

2. Singing with Piano

3. Piano only (either solo or as accompaniment for another singer/musician)

4. Harp only (either solo or as accompaniment for another singer/musician)

We can’t decide between harp and piano!

Don’t stress! It is completely up to you which instrument you want to choose, and you can change your mind at any point. For me, it is just about which instrument I bring with me on the day.

If you have listened to my recordings and you are still unsure whether to choose harp or piano, I can advise you further. Start by focusing on your song choices, and we can see which instrument might suit your songs the best. Piano might be better suited to rock, jazz, or musical theatre. And Irish/folk music is wonderful on the Irish harp. But most songs will work on either instrument. A handful of pieces on my repertoire list are only available with piano (you will see them marked with a piano symbol  🎹 on my website). If you want any those songs, piano is your instrument. 

Can we have both harp and piano at the ceremony? How much is it to add on the second instrument?

I only bring one instrument to the ceremony (harp or piano – your choice). It is the same price for harp or for piano so you can change your mind at any point about your preferred instrument.

Can we have one instrument (e.g. piano) at the ceremony and the other instrument (e.g. harp) at the drinks reception, or does it have to be the same instrument for both?

You can have one instrument at the ceremony (e.g. harp) and the other at the reception (e.g. piano), or keep the same instrument for the full day. It is completely up you and it’s the same price either way.

How do we choose our ceremony music?

I will send you a detailed email with either a church music template or a non-church ceremony music template to work with, along with some advice for choosing music for each part of the ceremony, and some useful information links such as my suggestions and my full repertoire list. We will plan the music online, mostly through email, but phone calls can be scheduled at a mutually suitable time. I will offer as much advice, suggestions and feedback as you need along the way. If you are having trouble, you can simply send me a list of your favourite songs from my list and I’ll suggest how best to arrange them into your ceremony.

Church ceremony music is generally very straightforward, it includes hymns, and the music needs to be approved by the priest.

Non-church ceremonies will vary depending on the type of ceremony that you will design with your celebrant/registrar. Your celebrant/registrar may have their own music guidelines for us to follow too. I will work with you on all of this.

When do we need to send you our ceremony music choices? 

You can get in touch to discuss music as soon as you like, even on the same day as your booking! If I don’t hear from you again after your booking, I will be in touch about two months before the wedding date. I will need music finalised by one month in advance. Ideally you would send me your proposed list 6-8 weeks in advance so that we have some time for re-arranging things and running the final list by your priest/celebrant. You might like to have your song choices confirmed even earlier if you need to print your booklets.

Can we request a song that is not on your list?

Special requests should be agreed by one month in advance and should suit the instrument you have chosen. Usually limited to 1 song, accommodation of special requests is at my discretion and not always guaranteed. (See question ‘What does your ceremony music fee include?’ above).

Which instrument is better for a large church/large wedding? Will you be loud enough on your own?

I love to perform in big churches! The acoustics in larger churches can be amazing. I provide a microphone for my voice, a pickup for my harp, and my keyboard is usually amplified. I own all of this equipment and I bring it with me to every ceremony (I also bring a backup speaker)

For larger drinks receptions indoors, since this is a very different atmosphere to a ceremony, the sound of piano generally carries better than harp. Rule of thumb: think of church/ceremony like a sit-down concert performance (even a quiet solo instrument will carry), and reception like a pub gig (instrument is competing with lots of chat 😄).

What kind of additional services can you offer?

I have the flexibility and facilities to offer a range of online “mini-services” as required. These can be booked with or without inviting me to perform on the day itself.

These include, but are not limited to:

1. Creating Bespoke Recordings in my home studio. For example:
  • songs/instrumentals for you to play through your sound system on the day (e.g. if you just wanted one particular song played at your ceremony, or if you are based abroad).
  • piano/harp accompaniment tracks for your singer/musician (e.g. I recently sent a piano accompaniment to a violin player in Germany so that he could play at his friend’s wedding during Covid).
  • recording your entire ceremony music programme, either live on the day, or recreated in the studio afterwards, as a keepsake from your special day. A nice option for couples who are not having a videographer but who want to capture the music that they had hand-picked for the ceremony.
2. Arranging Sheet Music for your singer/musicians.
3. Wedding Music Consultation (sourcing musicians, choosing music appropriate to your type of ceremony, etc.);

For the most part, there is a nominal fee of €50/100. In certain cases, this fee can go towards the total ceremony music fee if you choose to book me to perform on your wedding day. 

If you have another “mini-service” idea or request, please contact me and I would love to see how I can assist you.

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